Virtual Tour and Map

Below are 13 of the 24 barn quilts currently on display ~ Images of  the artwork will be added as soon as they become available.

Download the Barn Quilts of Carver County Tour Guide, Supplement and Map


#1 The Andrew Peterson Farm – Swedish Apple Orchard, 8060 Parley Lake Road, Waconia MN

#2 Deardorff Orchards - "Apple" Tree of Life, 8350 Parley Lake Road, Waconia MN

#2 Deardorff Orchards – “Apple” Tree of Life, 8350 Parley Lake Road, Waconia MN

#3 At The Farm -Single Wedding Ring, 8880 Hwy. 5, Waconia MN

#4 Carver County Historical Society Log Building – Log Cabin, Carver County Fairgrounds, 501 3rd St., Waconia MN

#5 The Drill-Mellum Barn

#5 The Drill-Mellum Barn – Duchman’s Puzzle, 5850 Co. Rd. 155, Waconia MN

#6 The Kelzer Farm

#6 The Kelzer Farm, Double Wedding Ring, 12855 Co. Rd. 32, Cologne MN

#7 The Melichar Barn

#7 The Melichar Barn – Blazing Star, 8020 Hwy. 25, Mayer MN

#8 The Brinkman Farm

#8 The Brinkman Farm – Crazy Quilt, 18980 102nd St., Norwood Young America MN

#9 The Kramer Barn

#9 The Kramer Barn – Lone Star, 17870 Co. Rd. 34, Norwood Young America MN

#10 The Pearson Barn

#10 The Pearson Barn – Fannie’s Fan, 17450 134th St., Hamburg MN

#11 The Honebrink Farm

#11 The Honebrink Farm – Custom Block, 17175 Co. Rd. 53, Belle Plaine MN

#12 The E Willems Barn

#12 The E Willems Barn – Triple Tulip, 10720 Co. Rd. 153, Cologne MN

#13 The Schreiner Barn – Trip Around the World, 9380 Co Rd 140, Cologne MN


Download the Barn Quilts of Carver County Map
barn quilt map revised copy

15 Responses to Virtual Tour and Map

  1. Kim Andrews says:

    Is it possible to go around the county, see the barns and take photos? Or do we need to arrange it with someone?

  2. Barn Quilts says:

    You sure can! Tour maps can be found on the website. Guides can also be found at the Carver County fair, library locations, local area businesses & at the historical society. Enjoy!

  3. Nan Emmer says:

    Love this idea! It has been so much fun participating in the painting at the Suzanne’s barn! Will print out a map and take the long way home to see some of these incredible barns and quilt art!
    Thanks for doing this!

  4. Kristina says:

    I’ve seen three of these quilts now and wondered what they were about. Just goggled it and found this explanation! As a quilter and lover of history and rural life, I think this idea is wonderful!

  5. Barn Quilts says:

    Thank you Kristina!!. We do too. Look for more barn quilts appearing in the spring. Volunteer opportunities will start up again too. Enjoy, Naomi

  6. Barb says:

    I knew that this was being done out east and in Iowa, but I did not know that they were around this area. I am printing the map and will take my camera with me. Thanks for doing this!! I’ve also seen this on Elenor Burns Quilt in a Day!

  7. Lois Fiskness says:

    I’d like to volunteer to assist with the next “series” of barn quilts as I think it is such a great idea. I want to paint a barn quilt for the barn at my family farm in Waseca Country. The pattern I plan to use is “Corn and Beans” so I’d love the first hand experience before I start my project.

  8. Barn Quilts says:

    Hi Lois. We would love to have you join us! And think it’s great to hear about our neighbors continuing the trail. See you in the spring!!!

  9. Ruth says:

    Was wondering if a bus tour of the barns will be offered to the public? If not, is a person able to drive on the farm and view the quilt on the barn and take pictures?

  10. Marty Bradbury says:

    I’m anxious to take the tour. My neighbors and I painted smaller versions of barn quilts for gates, sheds and gardens. Maybe the whole world will be a quilt someday!

  11. Barn Quilts says:

    Wouldn’t that be great! Enjoy your tour and look for more barn quilts in the spring.

  12. Barn Quilts says:

    Barn tours are just beginning to be scheduled. Check our website, your local quilt shop or community education catalog for upcoming guided tours. If your group is interested in booking a tour you can contact us through the website. If you prefer simply spend an afternoon with friends touring by car. Guide maps available online. Feel free to pack a picnic lunch, At the Farm & Deardorff Orchards would love to have you stop in and say hi.

  13. Barn Quilts says:

    It’s been our pleasure. Enjoy!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I was planning to take three family members ( 2 sisters and a sister-in-law) on a Mystery Trip on Saturday September 8, 2012. I had sent an E-mail to the website asking if there was anything I neded to know before our trip.

    Naomi:Project Director, E-mailed back telling me that they were in the process of updating the web-site and that there additional barns to see…not the 13 that I had planned, but, now there were 24.

    With the new information in hand (additional addresses and a new map) and my GPS we set out on a beautiful Saturday morning…I myself not having been to the Carver County area… had to rely on the GPS for our 1st stop, as my passengers did not yet know where we were headed (only one had an inkling).

    After a wrong turn and a U-Turn… what excitement and surprise in the car when my passengers spotted the 1st barn this point they received their own printed packet of the barn quilt tour and they were able to help with finding our next site.

    We had a great day, we saw 19 of the 24 barn quilts, had lunch in Waconia and still had time to stop at the quilt shop.

    Thanks for all the good information on your website!

  15. Coralene Rawson says:

    we set out to view the barns, such fun.Thanks for all the work.

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