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It’s my sincere hope that you enjoy the artwork as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Hundreds of volunteers and sponsors have collectively come together to make the display a reality. We appreciate and welcome your comments. For project updates and local area information, follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Naomi Russell
Project FounderĀ 
Barn Quilts of Carver County



2 Responses to Connect With Us

  1. Congrats!! I love your web site/pages. I look forward to chatting with you some day. I can tell someone has the quilt trail fever. :0)
    most warmly,
    ~donna sue

  2. Ann O'Neill says:

    Hi, First I would like to tell you that I probably quilt 5 days a week. I absolutely love quilts and making them. Second, I would love to be part of your work force if at all possible and I have a crew of ladies that are also interested. Third, I am friends with the owner of the last standing barn in Chanhassen and would love to be able to present some literature to him and ask if He would be willing to have a quilt painted on his barn. I also know the owner of 2 barns in Victoria If you are interested please send me some literature so I can successfully approach these people. Thank You, Ann

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