About Barn Quilts

 You’re invited to visit our open-air-gallery of Folk art

Barn quilts are an artistic way to welcome visitors to Carver County. This community based arts adventure provides an opportunity for volunteers of all ages throughout Carver County to experience quilting in an entirely new & creative way. We currently showcase 24 larger than life replicas of quilt blocks on barns throughout Carver County.

A self-guided driving tour map has been created directing visitors along our rural roads to view the beautiful countryside Carver County has to offer. As a key to the artwork the map encourages viewers to visit our towns and enjoy our hospitality while they admire our agricultural icons in their new role as public art. A virtual tour of our local barn quilts is also available.

History of Barn Quilts

The American Barn Quilt movement began in Adams County, Ohio, when Donna Sue Groves painted a quilt block on her tobacco barn to honor her mother, a master quilter. Since then similar projects have appeared in Wisconsin, Iowa and Tennessee.

Made for barns, not beds, “barn quilts” are quilt patterns painted on wooden panels that are hung on the exterior walls of barns or other agricultural buildings. Approximately 1500 of these remarkable paintings are now displayed in two dozen states nationwide-and the number is quickly growing across rural America. The Barn Quilts are viewed as an opportunity to display quilt art as well as brighten rural areas while showcasing and preserving our local barns and farms.